We believe music education is fundamental. Do you?

If so, Stand Up 4 Music!

Stand Up 4 Music is a coalition of Californians who advocate for music as a vital part of a comprehensive education.

Mr. Nick Olmos

Mr. Nick Olmos, an Elementary Traveling Instrumental Music Teacher with the Bakersfield City School District in California and two of his orchestra students. Serenity Cruz, a 6th grade student at College Heights Elementary School says "Music is special and important to me because when ever I feel down or get mad, I just bust out my fiddle and start playing. When I play I feel so good, I can’t stop. I love to play my violin.” Anthony Hernandez, 6th grader at the same school started studying music in 2nd grade. “Music is special to me because it relaxes me. At first I thought I couldn’t play music. But now, I’m destined to be a marvelous musician because it is in my blood."