We believe music education is fundamental. Do you?

If so, Stand Up 4 Music!

Stand Up 4 Music is a coalition of Californians who advocate for music as a vital part of a comprehensive education.

Chloe Contreras-Jones

In 2011, Chloe Contreras-Jones finished 8th Grade at Chipman Junior High School, in the Bakersfield City School District, California. She auditioned for and was accepted into the California All-State Honor Band, the first student in the District to earn this distinction in many years.

Mr. Nick Olmos

Mr. Nick Olmos, an Elementary Traveling Instrumental Music Teacher with the Bakersfield City School District in California and two of his orchestra students. Serenity Cruz, a 6th grade student at College Heights Elementary School says "Music is special and important to me because when ever I feel down or get mad, I just bust out my fiddle and start playing. When I play I feel so good, I can’t stop. I love to play my violin.” Anthony Hernandez, 6th grader at the same school started studying music in 2nd grade. “Music is special to me because it relaxes me. At first I thought I couldn’t play music. But now, I’m destined to be a marvelous musician because it is in my blood."